Where did you go to school? Spanish Translation. Double check that customer can still see you if you're on Zoom/Facetime. (PLAY VIDEO; mute audio) - Everyone loves our shears! If that saves $60 a month, its $720 saved this year, There are several reasons why so many customers choose. It's very simple, just go to the camera on your phone and hover over this QR code on your screen, then click the link that pops up! I want to show you the accessories just so you know what else is available to add in the future- I'd hate for you to find out later that I didn't show you everything that was available and I missed something you would have loved. To complement your Homemaker Set, we have incredible KITCHEN TOOLS and GADGETS. Youre going to LOVE Cutco! Cutco is guaranteed to last forever so it would be the last set of knives youd ever buy. However, I know you're REALLY BUSY & Id hate to have to call you while youre with family or at work. My Vector Demo Cutco Presentation Manual Welcome to the Team! Glass, granite, and marble cutting boards are too hard and will dull your knives. . Follow the Manual 2. But most of our customers take advantage of our 5-month, interest-free easy pay option which is only $_____ today and includes tax. of the Training Workbook (if you can't find your copy, go to, Send the email with your Google Meet Invite Link to your customer. Can always call manager for help or a deal.). ! The product is your proof of purchase, and you can pass it down generation to generation. No problem! Let's take a look at the accessories just so you know what else is available to add either for now or in the future- Go ahead and open the 3rd slideshow", No problem, Mrs. _____, which are your two favorites? Special #1: Lets make a list of your 5 favorite pieces you see yourself using the most! How do you like it!? My Vector Demo Cutco Presentation Manual Welcome to the Team! Of course! It would mean the world to me! And let me know when you get to the bottom before you click next. Wait till you see this one glide through a pineapple! They absorb liquids, bacteria, grease, germs and retain odors! If you get to 20 you become a double sponsor and you count twice. Cutco products are made right here in America in our factory in Olean, New York, We specialize in kitchen knives, but we are also the proud producer of KA-BAR knives, which are the knives used by the US Military. Your spouse isn't exactly as excited about it as you are, and you give me a call. Show anyway Reload . I hope all is well! Our sets come with a solid oak WOODBLOCK, which looks great on the counter. I can totally understand why you might hesitate, but I'm not asking for people you think will buy, just nice people who might be open to looking. Who do you know who: loves to cook, has children, BBQs, hosts parties. Go ahead and click on the PLAY button on that video on the right, Youll use this for small jobs in the air like apples, strawberries and bananas, but rarely on the cutting board, thats why you have. Its important to have the right tool for the right situation because of safety and efficiency. Thats why most customers take advantage of the 15-day trial. (If yes- Okay- I'm going to show you our two larger sets too just so you see the other options on the next 2 slides. Make sure you get it today. Once you get that email, go ahead and click the link! Since 1949 all cutco sets have been made in the United States in our factory in Olean, New York. The Homemaker+8 Set is only $1326 paid in full, which includes shipping. Step 9 - Clock-Out (Call Manager for a quick debrief) Bonus Step - Make 5 Calls and set up more appts (#do1set1) If you have the Veggie Peeler: I have one of the items with me here today, the Cutco veggie peeler! And we have interest-free monthly investment options so you dont have to pay for it all at once! You'll never have to pay to replace your knives. Also, at the end of our presentation there will be a way for you to help sponsor me to reach my goals in the company! , I hate to bother you but I just wanted to make sure you saw my message. But youll never use it on meat or large vegetables, thats why you have your (next slide). The three sharp tines on the turning fork make it easy to turn meats and veggies and get things out of jars. But anyone who says, "Yes", I'll just. Some of them have had CUTCO for decades. The universal design locks your hand in place, increasing control and safety, while reducing fatigue. Lets see how our Table Knives work on some tough leather (Play Leather Video- then next slide). Having both forks in the set is important; the turning fork picks food up while the carving fork holds meats down and is wide enough to go around the bones. Go ahead and download the app for your phone type; click Google Play for Android, and App Store for iPhone! Cutco is also the proud producer of the Ka-Bar knives used both by military and law enforcement agents. I'll even pay for shipping. Essentially, if anything ever happens to your Cutco, you can send it back to the factory and theyll sharpen, replace, or fix it for free! Just let me know either way! The Signature Set includes everything from the Homemaker but also includes the Super Shears and our 3 most popular specialty pieces like the cheese knife, and also comes with the option of Steak Knives instead of table knives. Its much easier to do this while were on Zoom together in case you have any questions for me. It has the minimum number of tools to do 100% of the jobs in your kitchen as efficiently and safely as possible. From this app, our reps/specialists will be able to submit their orders, calculate order totals and payment options, save/resume orders in. When you star everyone and then ask . BUY NOW BONUS: We have a bonus where, if you buy now, I can give you a matching Kitchen Tool Set, Entertainer Pack, or Super Shears for FREE! Sound good? BUY NOW BONUS: If you get this set today, I can still include the Kitchen Tools, Entertainer Pack, or Super Shears for free! And Cutco saves a lot of money! __________, would you be willing to post about this demo and tag me on Facebook/Social Media?". is working toward a scholarship by doing online demos of CUTCO Kitchen knives, cookware and gadgets. knife which will make a smooth cut but will need to be sharpened constantly to remain effective. If Yes: Congratulations! This thing is awesome! Ask for a customer testimonial picture & Social Media shout - out! It will come from, and should have my name in the subject line. Well As you can imagine, a lot of my friends are just laying around watching Netflix right now, but I'm using this as an opportunity to build my resume and gain some new skills, so I really appreciate you seeing my demo. Collect stories and testimonials from past customers! Mrs. _________, you can customize your own set and I can still get you something for free (Ask customer to write down their 5 favorite pieces on their wish list & you write them down in your notebook), NOTE: Customer cannot pick table knives as their favorites for the specials), GREAT, can you give me one minute to work on those prices?. Youre going to love your Cutco. Okay, go ahead and open the app. How long have you had it? set of knives! The company created a very simple App called "My Cutco Rep". Just tag me in the photo and then I can reach out to anyone who is interested right there on Facebook! Ask questions! Its important to use a soft plastic cutting board. Mrs. ______, it would be dangerous to have really sharp high-quality knives floating in a drawer. Mrs. _____, as long as you get at least something today my office will allow me to throw in free stuff when you upgrade later. And of course, youd still be helping me toward my goals. As you can see it has the Paring Knife for the air, Trimmer for small stuff, Spatula for sandwiches, a meat knife, a serving piece, a veggie chopper, and a bread knife. May substitute free item for item of equal value. Send confirmation email ASAP Send a Reminder Text the morning of the demo. Youre going to love Cutco! Wusthof is the most popular. We have two larger set options for customers who love to cook, called the Family and Complete set, but Im going to start with the pieces in our BASIC SET, which is the most popular. which - as you can see here - looks great on the counter. Let me show you how it works 2-Months: $70 minimum order, 3-Months: $200 minimum order, 5-Months: $400 minimum order. CUTCO IS AWESOME! Youre going to love your Cutco! At first, 10 pieces seems like a lot. The company has created an app that will allow you to give me feedback on my presentation AND help me towards my goals. age to them so they can send to people the, Hi! (May substitute free item for item of equal value. Once you get that email, go ahead and click the link! Step 2: Out of these starter sets, which combination do you like the best? (PLAY VIDEO; mute audio) - the petite carver is your large utility knife for meat, chicken, and small roasts. What slide are you on now? or Do you see the?, If customer asks for prices in the middle of your demo, say: I don't want to give away the end of the movie, Ill go over all the prices at the end! :-), Smile, be patient if there are any technical issues, Present to husbands & wives together (so they can make a decision together; less pressure), Make sure they're sitting in front of a screen (so they can follow along your presentation), Have them on speaker phone or a Zoom/Facetime Meeting (so you can talk to both spouses). customer testimonial picture & Social Media shout - out! This gives you the opportunity to put a. you see today and try it out for 3 weeks (15 business days) together. :) Awesome thanks, Ill send you a request now! Click Here for Spanish Version or Click Here for Canadian Version Is that okay? Master Carving Set- Let's Play the short video Its like your Spare Tire. If Yes: Great you will love your Cutco! Which color do you like better, the black, white, or red handles? If yes: "Great, you'll love those pieces!" I want to show you the accessories just so you know what else is available to add in the future- I'd hate for you to find out later that I didn't show you everything that was available and I missed something you would have loved. Great, so when you scroll down just tap next to anyone you think might be nice enough. You can buy sets or pieces and we have tons of accessories and gifts too! More. Lets see how much your favorite piece would be which is your #1 favorite piece of Cutco? Intros. 1. Review current Cutco tools and uses for each. ), Building great rapport = asking great questions and chaining them into MORE great questions. The Turning Fork has three sharp tines make it easy to turn meats and veggies and get things out of jars. They absorb liquids, bacteria, grease, germs and retain odors! It's really cool stuff, and. This part of the Guarantee allows you to make a choice now, and a final decision later. Well talk about that later, Mrs. _____, you can buy individual pieces, but most customers agree that over a, are a much better value. We recommend two Table Knives per family member so you dont have to wash them after every meal. Both forks are important. If Yes: Awesome! That is only $____ which is only ______ per month on a 2-pay plan which breaks down to only ______/day. Mrs. _______, let me review why so many people choose to invest in Cutco: Youll always have sharp American made knives that are comfortable, safe, and sanitary. As you can see, chef knives are for chopping, not slicing; thats why you have your, Slicer! But its not for anything with a bone; thats why we have. The points protect the recessed edges from dulling on the cutting board, keeping each knife sharp for up to 10 years, and they can still be re-sharpened! BTW as a reminder, they dont have to buy ANYTHING. This Delicate Chopper is great for the 6 Sssoup, salad, stir fry, stew, stuffing, & salsa! Ok give me 1 minute so I can show you our last special, (Silently: Add up the price of the 2 favorites, calculate the monthly payment, write down in notebook). Let's take a look at the accessories just so you know what else is available to add either for now or in the future- Go ahead and open the 3rd slideshow" (and Rep can CLICK HERE to jump to Gifts & Accessories), If no: No problem! (Go to Special #2- next slide), Out of those 5, which ONE knife could you live without? (Cross off that knife in your notebook & ask customer to cross it off on their list too).