It is located in the center of the church, resting on a marble platform that has diamond-shaped; while the apse is recognizable from a reddish glass decoration. Mother Gabriella. In the courtyard of the Serbian Orthodox church in Novo Brdo (#Kosovo), four dogs were poisoned by a local Kosovo Albanian captured by video camera Four dogs were poisoned and died in the courtyard of the #Serbian #Orthodox #Church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God Show more . So go and find out what it is. Ms. Patricia Kushiner: Mother, what kind of life did you have as a child, and how do you think it prepared you to become a monastic? Ear phones or audio loops that enhance the sound are available for people who are hard of hearing. 29 Apr 2023 15:39:24 Rives Junction, Michigan 49277, Email: So Mother Benedicta agreed to come, so she traveled back to Romania, and then the petition was made through the immigration office that two nuns would come as religious workers to the United States. Mother Benedicta grew up in the monastery all her life, so this way of life was her way of life, and it was very natural. 1978 - Mothers Benedicta and Gabriella leave Varatec Monastery (Romania) to go to the Monastery of the Transfiguration. Remains today of the original building, the "Pozzo di San Francesco" and, on the ground floor of what was once the convent, the dining hall and monastery with the stone portals of the 16th century and with a series of 17th century frescoes depicting scenes from the life of St. Francis. Some people find obedience quite difficult. So that is very important. Were very grateful, and its been a pleasure. Mother Benedicta was an older sister of Fr. Ms. Kushiner: A typical day for you is composed of prayer, works of hospitality, and other work. The secondary goal was the unification of the physical aspects of the existing buildings and landscape, to create a place that reflects our beliefs as a monastic community, which is continuous prayer; in other words, continuous communication with God. People might come for confession. The tale of these years is a tale of many consecutive small miracles, as people often came forward to help without solicitation. We tell people, we warn people, to say that services are long, and to try to participate as much as they can, to make an effort. Thats up to us, but all of us have that need. Information on Holy Dormition Monastery is available at their website, which is With the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Nathaniel, the three nuns left Ellwood City in 1987 and went to Terre Haute, IN where they set the foundation for what was to become the Dormition of the Mother of God Orthodox Monastery. [2] She is honored on campus with a residence hall[3] and a literary prize, both named in her honor.[4]. The vaults are painted in light blue, while the chapels there are no relevant artistic elements. All Services are in both Romanian and English. Today, sewing continues to be a significant part of the income generated by the monastery. The graves are attended daily by one of the community members with incense, candles, flowers, and peace. Mother Gabriella: God provides opportunities. Of course, anyone, I would say, that has thought of entering a monastic community, we encourage them to pursue that, because theres so many people who dont even think of it, but if theres anyone out there who has that question within themselves, we encourage them to pursue that, find out why even the question is there. A new house for the sisterhood with offices, work rooms, and a private library was completed in 2004. The first Liturgy served in the Chapel took place on the Feast of St Elijah the Prophet, on July 20, 1988. Length: 44:21. The architrave of the faade is styled Greek temple, with painted San Gabriel surround by angels. Mother Abbess Gabriella of Holy Dormition Monastery in Michigan will be giving an Advent Retreat for people in the Bluegrass area this Saturday, from 9am to 2pm at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Lexington. [Nun chants verse: The Lord is mighty and has done great things for me and holy is his name, and his mercy reaches from age to age for those who fear him. But those were probably the people who were most influential in somewhat directing me towards this kind of life, although then I didnt know, but that time came, as I finished high school, God provided that particular incident for me to make me think of it. Those are, I think, basic differences. Church: Accessible entrances, curb cuts, ramps and parking near accessible entrances for churches with parking lots. We have been blessed to interact with the nuns and to meet in beautiful surroundings. In giving birth,you preserved your virginity. Work on the iconography of the Church continues. Today, the community numbers nine sisters. Afterward Mother Gabriella of Holy Dormition Monastery in Michigan gave talks in the morning and afternoon on prayer and Christian virtue. This monastic journal, entitled The Burning Bush, is distributed to over 2700 people, throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. And by your prayers,you deliver our souls from death. Mother Gabriella: Generally speaking, every Orthodox monastery has the same mission, of being a place of prayer, a place for those who are called to live the monastic life, for their own salvation and for the salvation of the world. Ms. Kushiner: Now, I understand that you entered the monastery at a fairly young age. The mailing list for those who receive the journal regularly is over 2700 people, all over the US, Canada, & Europe. 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Also in 1992, Mother Benedicta, wanting to retire from the public leadership of the Monastery, passed the herald onto Mother Gabriella. Three other statues decorate the architrave. It was through this particular nun, whom I respected very much. This is how God works. 2535 Grey Tower Road, Jackson MI 49201-9120|Tel: The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, Constitution & By-Laws and Official Documents, Department of Religious Education (United States), Department of Religious Education (Canada), Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Then the abbess is obedient, in some aspects, to the whole community, because an abbess is an abbess of a community, and we work together. Generally speaking, that is the mission of monasticism. Then what is the mystery of this extraordinary help given by God? Recently, Ancient Faith Radios Patricia Kushiner traveled to Rives Junction and captured this fascinating and inspiring interview with Mother Gabriella of Holy Dormition Monastery. Facebook | Male St. Tikhon's Orthodox Monastery, South Canaan, Pennsylvania. Romanian Episcopate. Liturgy the next morning for St. Cyril of Jerusalem, our parish saint. ; to Rt. Take Route 127 North or 50 North to I-94. Furthermore, given a poor supply of reed stops and flying the registers to the third manual, three new records were added, including oboe 8 'and Item Celeste 8'. They do not beg people, but they do pray to God. Dormition of the Mother of God Orthodox Monastery, Great Schema Nun Benedicta (Braga) Fallen Asleep in the Lord,,_Michigan)&oldid=119660. Posts. Ms. Kushiner: Ive heard that monastics say its a hard life but its a life that contains much joy. The property is located in a small rural town, set in sleepy southern Michigan, about seven miles north of Jackson. The Great Schemanun Benedicta fell asleep in the Lord on August 7, 2005 and lies in the cemetery of the monastery. On August 15 of that year, at the feast of the Holy Dormition, Mother Gabriella was installed as the second abbess. Having a vegetable garden to provide somea very small portionof the food needed for the community and for the pilgrims. Mother Benedicta becomes abbess. And there are no fees for pilgrims who come and stay at the monastery, each contributes according to their own means. This is how she made me understand, and I thought I would never Shes trying to discourage me. Please note that the Monastery is closed from Sunday evening until Monday evening (unless otherwise indicated on the calendar). DirectionsFrom East or West- Take I-94 toward Jackson. Instagram | Its a mystery and a miracle. During Great Lent and on major Feast days, times of services may vary. It is a martyrs life. Site Map | Ms. Kushiner: You are listening to Ancient Faith Radio, and we are talking with Mother Gabriella, abbess of Holy Dormition Monastery. We write a journal, a monastic journal, three times a year. It is our hope and prayer that this holy place will grow, reaching the heights of all spiritual understanding. There was a problem of language in the Church at that time also. Theyre inspired by the monastics, by their dedication to dedicate their lives to God more than others. The windows are green, placed in.maniera rhythmic and are rectangular. Take Berry Road exit. 1988 - Sisterhood moves to Rives Junction, Michigan (present location). Take exit 138 (Route 127 north) toward Lansing. Mother Gabriella: I grew up in a Christian home with a very pious mother, and I take this as a gift from God, since we dont choose where we are born, what place on earth or what kind of family. Orthodox monasticism remained the same as from its beginning. The modern sanctuary, to a design school and completed by the architect Gio Ponti Eugenio Abruzzini, houses fine examples of sacred art contemporary artists such as Enrico Accatino, Ugolino da Belluno, Guido Strazza, Tito Amodei, Nino Di Simone. Its a little bit like a marriage, that it has to work together. To whom are you obedient? So there is a lot of joy in that those who experience it, they would never want to exchange that for anything else in the world. Contact Info. Saturday: 5:00am - Matins, First Hour, Third Hour, Sixth Hour, Typica. Roman is, give a little of his history, too? Ms. Kushiner: Wonderful. And I, as a child who gets homework, I tried to do that: do my homework. After he came out of prison, just a few short years after that, he was sent as a missionary to Brazil, to the Mayan community. Thats the basic mission of every monastic community. By the grace of God and with the help and support of many faithful pilgrims, the monastery grew graduallybut persistentlyin those early years. January 2012 Liturgical Challenges - Ethnic Traditions Mother Gabriella, Abbess of Holy Dormition Monastery in Rives Junction, Michigan. The monastery is approximately 1/4 mile on the left side. 29 Apr 2023 15:42:16 Telegram | Superior: Igumen Sergius (Bowyer). Mother Gabriella, abbess of the Holy Dormition Monastery, addressing the parish retreat on the topic of repentance. We celebrate all of you who stand behind our mission, and we give thanks to God always for you. Monasticism: a strange and distant life for most of us, but for the called, a life of prayer, chastity, poverty, all for the glory of God. Roman. . Cost ($15/person, $25/couple, $5/student) 55 1 comment 5 shares Share 2005 Spring - Nuns' quarters completed; includes living quarters for nuns, library, office space, work rooms, and will provide space for gift shop, receiving room and formal entrance to the monastery. The renowned house organ Claudio Anselmi Tamburini was in charge of the work. Monastery of the Holy Theotokos the Life Giving Spring Dunlap, California, United States. 517-962-9294. The idea is that every monastic community is self-sufficient, so monastics will work to provide for their own daily bread, so to say. 1999 Spring - Completion of the expansion of St Nicholas house. Then he was taken to prison, a Communist prison. ; to Hillendale Rd. In 2006 a gift shop (lower floor) and museum (upper floor) attached to a stone bell tower were completed. A couple of local families became almost immediately instrumental in helping them establish the monastery. The Dormition is one of the major holy days in Orthodoxy. And after he was tonsured a monk and ordained, he was taken to prison for five more years. After the purchase by the famous retailer of used Ladach organs, the organ was dismantled and shipped from Germany to the organ workshop in Asciano (SI) where he was put back on track the phonic material, restored the bellows and changed windchests . She was given a visa to visit him after so many years of separation. Since 2002, the retreat has been hosted by Holy Dormition Monastery. The story of the monastery began in 1978 when Mother Benedicta and Mother Gabriella left the monastery of Varatec in the northern part of Romania and came to the United States to join the community of nuns at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwood City, PA. This is how God called me. The core principles that guide, unite, and sustain the monastery are nonetheless principles that find their source not in the innovations of the American Orthodox but in the traditions of the ancient Church and her fathers and mothers.