Everythings so expensive! He didn't get it. come back to me, you're safe here, please." Finally! It's cold, and the world feels like it's crashing around them as Mike and Will yell at each other until their voices grow hoarse. Mike Wheeler killed by Will Byers and hypothermia. Next to you sits the person you least expect to see. Dont complain. He starts listing off the names and hands out small papers with the address on them. When someone new joins, jealousy as well as some more chaos ensues. Youre staying in Els room - thats okay, right? You nod quickly while munching on the meal - your first of the day. Entering the small ice cream parlor you waited in the short lime, admiring Els new outfit. Yes, thats what I meant, idiot. So, meeting him again after months could never end well, right? He was so flustered! They laugh too, and then Max gets a mischievous look. When you part you stare at each other with dopey smiles. Jane elbowed him, urging him to answer. But then he tells him, Theyre in my room, second drawer to the left in my desk, 29 letters all meant for you. And Will Byers never forgets. He looks a little out of it but reaches out and wipes them away with his thumb. Not only did you have no friends, but everyone picked at you for fun. And it was always about you. I like you. You turn around, hoping he didnt see your glossy eyes. Originally posted by yurtletheturtlehenderson. The girl had bangs, a few colorful hair clips in her hair. Next to you is a presence and you turn to the side. Mike's been through a lot of shit this spring break. And then she told the teacher it was my fault! You didnt like to admit it but it felt good to have friends and now walk the hallways alone while everyone was having fun with their friends around you. Will does the same, following you as you walk (quick enough for it to be considered jogging, though) through the woods, the sun casting everything in a warm orange-yellow. Were you planning to keep her locked up? One of them seemed to notice your stare and sent you a small wave, his hair falling over his forehead. Get back here, boy, Bailey scolds and Ethan sways, his fists clenching. El had been more quiet since Hopper died a few months back. I want that, too.. WB: nathsn and i broke up amd its your fauktMW: Where are you?WB: the beachMW: Im on my way now. Sleeping at Els was fun, not that you wouldnt have had that anyway all together. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. Have a great day, young lady. Her tone was disciplining which confused you, but you nodded and left with all the things youd need. Talk. He emphasizes the word with a pointed finger, before turning around and leaving. So, when he started realizing you wouldnt leave or betray him, he really started being himself. Tears are starting to accumulate on your lash line, clouding your sight. After the big win (before the fight with Will) youd become quite popular at school and were known as one of their best swimmers. You both loved the game, planning campaigns and storylines was amazing and playing them with the others was even better. Ill bring my jacket, yes Will I am so responsible and I do in fact think. Im going to tell you the names of the people youre staying with and the addresses. Stepping off the stuffy bus you turned to the two other girls. You hoped dearly it wasnt about DND - it was truly horrible to see them keep rejecting the other boys wishes. You were first! You cant shake off the unpleasant feeling in your stomach the closer you seem to get to Watergate as Dustin named it. Admittedly, he was kinda scary. No, you were angry and sad. Listen, you tell the rest of the group the truth and the police that you were manipulated or whatever. She orders and he nods, quietly thanking her. Though you did hope he was alone as that meant you could pull this off without any questions from the rest of your friends. Will sighs, Mike. I suck at summaries so long story short: Byler angst, pining and 'unrequited love' (it's requited.). Dont cry over him. Heartbreak (and one big misunderstanding) ensues. It was - after Castle Byers - yours and his favorite secret spot to just hang out. It took Max explaining that boyfriends do lie all the time and that they can be total assholes if they want to. So, closing off was the option you chose now. But nowadays they would always find an excuse to not play. Youd signed up for it months ago, when it was first announced. It also makes clear that thats what you want with him (maybe with less kissing and less ditching friends, but the overall thing is what you were aiming for). "Casa. Listen I know (y/n) doesnt want anything to do with me anymore, but can you please tell her goodbye? The window was opened but the smoke from cigarettes and the stench of some weird tea covered the fresh air coming from it. You hiccup and wipe your eyes, turning around slowly. Mike watches his friend drown in doubts and decides to solve them. notes Im mad Tumblr deleted the first one. In one world, on that fateful November night, Will Byers was pulled into the horrifying chaos of the Upside Down. A cabana era o significado da palavra, a primeira que Hopper lhe ensinou. He barely had any blanket to himself, but he also runs incredibly hot, so he stuck to sleeping without being cocooned in a blanket most of the time anyway. Excluding seeing you brutally impaled on one of the Mind Flayers tentacles (or whatever they were called). You did it. They only focused on themselves and what they wanted instead of spending time with you and Will. Just glad youre with me., He scoffs and slaps your shoulder lightly - lightly in his book. Its too late that you hear footsteps coming closer, so it comes as a surprise when someone wraps their arms around you. Well figure this out, yeah? One of them - the red haired girl - seemed wary at first but warmed up to you quickly. Mike, the love of his life and the entire reason Will ever managed to live this long, is gone. Let..me..go.. Will says soft. The boys were the ones that had tried to convince you to come too but eventually gave up. Your breath stops and your tears blur your vision as Ethan stands there, eyes desperate as he looks at you. Youre confused - didnt he, like, hate you? So everyone, youve probably noticed those two by now. she gestured to the new students, those are your new classmates and theyll be with us from now on. The tears start running before you realize it, slowly trailing down your cheeks. +8 more. I didnt have to get close to you. Just as Billy is about to ask you out, he watches another dude make a move on you. Max had shot down Dustin, Mike and Lucas questions towards you and got on her bike along with El - following you. What? The major difference between the two is that Will was fervently loved by. He reciprocates it after a moment, his arms wrapping around your waist as good as he could with both of you kneeling in a dusty corner with the smell of rotting everything around. Seeing Billy still at his car, likely waiting for Max, you go to him for comfort. Stopping at the front door, loud rock music could be heard. Sitting down, Will opens his mouth to speak. Ten minutes. Joyce clarifies and sends him a look before leaving to the car. When Will Byers vanishes within the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, Mike Wheeler and his adopted sister work with their friends, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson, to. It was trivial things they were discussing, like a random video game, but the way no one was left out whatsoever was something you wished for in a friend group. Visiting the place where Joyce works - worked - wasnt more than half an hour but the goodbye was tear filled. I want you and I couldnt have you. He tries denying it, No, please, I really do love you!, If you did you wouldnt have done any of this.. It's the prom for the Class Of 1989 and Mike wanted to give Will a little surprise. They knew this possibly wouldnt end well, but better than sneaking around, right? I wanted to confess today. Its a whisper and you know theyre just as surprised as you were when you found out. Youve sent me two letters, Ive written a thousand times. +9 more. Ew! I know, the moment is interrupted when two gunshots sound through the theater and the screaming goes silent. Your head is basically exploding at this information. Get up from there! You exclaim and he chuckles. Plus, youre super slow, he huffs again but this time in disbelief. And Ive got, like, $3.50. he shrugs and you hold back a laugh. You didnt change a lot apart from the fact you were more quiet and closed off. Hes smiling and his arms are in the air, along with some people from your school. Alright, get your bags and assemble here! Your coach called and went to stand in front of the bus. Mike meets him there to find out what happened. He calls your name, a little confused at you being there. Writer Mike Wheeler has no will to live. I know you dont trust him but please, shes conflicted and just stares at him, not wavering even as her older sister comes up behind her as well. ms. byers, jonathan, and will would come very often to visit us. Relationships, after school jobs, and any other pure chaos they can get into. Spraining it wasnt your intention. It was boring and you were happy once youd gotten out of school. Does that mean you like me too? His voice is slightly disbelieving but he looks hopeful and happy. Most of those kids were kids too, literal children. You could have everyone! WILL! Mike and El scream from behind. It seemed that school wasnt over yet, some people were walking in and out of the big building. He nods, thanks Nancy and, now more carefully, goes into the basement.---Will takes care of Mike during a bad time cx chapter TWO. I have to say something, its bold and kind of funny as its so random, so he chuckles a little but nods. Will sputtered, shaking his head and raising his hands. But not for long this time. Which is why youre a little shocked to see him standing in the crowd with a ton of other students. El looks a little lost as shed never been in your home, but settles down in your small but comfortable couch chair. But, like, how do you say something like that? It's basically just a modern AU partial chatfic where the Losers meet the Party. A few seconds later Max came to the door, her annoyed expression fading when she saw you. The sun was scalding hot and on your way to her house you were lucky for the shadows the trees provided. Dad said itd be better if you trusted me since youre close with Sam and Tara so he wasnt against it, he just didnt tell me to do it. He starts. Theres still a long way for you to trust him again, after all this wasnt just a small fight that made you part. So never done this before lol, but i was wondering if you could do a Billy H (from stranger things) X Reader. Youre an idiot. With that she leaves, and Will is sure he sees her eyes a little glassy. And dont go in the water, its too cold, its too dark out, and youre drunk.WB: ok whateber. Dont think its good at all - Im admittedly not proud of this So sorry for the one who requested this ( ). Well, as alone as you can be with six kids standing in the doorway. Arriving at the AV room you knew this was a bad idea. Ringing the doorbell you waited a few seconds, illegible shouts sounding from inside. More compliments come from the group and youre basically flustered the whole time. Your eyes widen a little when you also spot Mike and Lucas with him. Everything sounds like a fairytale, with a new beautiful house and bright smiles, right?But somethings missing, someones missing when they get back. # 9. You liked the change, being close to him and able to spend time with him anytime was great. Cursing her under his breath Will followed her. Knew you could do something right, son.. It didnt bother you but it was the only thing left you did as a group. I do too. Maybe that shouldve stopped you from committing and entering this relationship. While the competition was happening, Lucas found himself in a room completely off limits to everyone except for the owners of Creel Industries. Until said boy shows up on the brink of losing consciousness but still manages to swoon over you. And that Something changes the course of his life forever. Whyd you do it? You whisper. Sure, this was basically what she had been telling El to do for days but she never actually thought El would do it. Mike's words are dull and meaningless to him. Hey, he greets and, god, how youve missed his voice. He stays silent for a second before sighing and raking a hand down your back. You regain your composure when the bus arrives and quickly tug at the girls arms. Your hands, which were clenching the fabric of your shirt before, fell to your sides limply. He receives a stern glare before Max leans forward and gives him a short hug. Usually youd call before coming, making sure he wasnt in a situation with his dad. Will and Mike hadnt talked for years, no letters nor calls, so their friendship is one step from turning into ashes. The tape on the inside had shriveled up and he was frustratedly picking at it. Michael "Mike" Wheeler is a fictional character from the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. Becoming friends with Will was the best thing that had ever happened to you. His gaze focused on you, gesturing in an endearing way as you talked with his El. It was some time later that you said goodbye to Max. And with that final shout the soldiers get launched away from Will and the glass from the NINA project breaks. Amazing. The door swung open and in front of you stood Billy. Oh my God. El stilled, a mischievous smirk on her face. He leans forward, Trust me, he whispers before taunting Sam and Tara about how theyd lose. That changes, when two new students from Hawkins arrive and you quickly become closer than expected to them. Right? He turns to the other boys, Yes! Most tears had left your body by now, so crying would - hopefully - be out of the picture. There was no way they thought this would be resolved with a simple gift. It has been hinted several times that Will might have a crush on Mike which is why such a couple could make sense. Girls are a different species. The flustered expressions on your faces arent from running up the hill. Also, I changed the events a bit so beware. Will Byers sits alone in his room at night, waiting for something in his life to change. Youre clumsy and trip over your own feet, due to the hurry youre in to not be late to school. Which cued all his jokes about liking the same stuff and that you shouldnt even be that repulsed from his special magazines. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. They're surviving. Close to passing out Billy comes to your rescue. Okay, okay. I dump your ass. Theres silence for a minute, shocked gasps coming from everyone, including Max. El looked a little lost. After another win (if you could call it that considering all the loss) against the monster Will thought itd be over. Oddly enough, it was Steve helping you figure it out. Especially not because of a boy.. One of the biggest in this town. A hundred thoughts crossed your mind but most importantly, who could it be? You ruined me, you know? You whisper and he leans his forehead against yours. Rip.. Neither was finding out Will liked someone else. Anyway I kinda love this. Usually it was genuine and pure comfort he made you feel but now it was just jealousy and sadness. Your last stop was Scoops Ahoy, because youre sure you saw Steve there when you walked past. Like Mike likes Eleven, its the first thing coming to your mind, and in that way you both know what you mean. Hi, Jane whispered, happy look on her face as she turned to you. Please consider turning it on! Crying like a sissy. You smile happily and lean back in your chair, watching everyone interact calmly. Youd found it years ago when you were playing, and it had quickly become something for just you and him. Seeing El crash a helicopter with her mind then have a mind fight with a mind-murderer. This was low.. You turn to Sam with a lost expression and she seems to understand, sighing. Weve been waiting all day! She grins, giving you a quick hug. Coming outside the hot midday sun immediately makes you squint your eyes and huff due to the sweat already building. You willed the blush on your cheeks away as his gaze stayed on you. can i request a will byers with male reader where will has a reoccurring nightmare surrounding the reader and when he sees the reader since the nightmare he starts crying and you comfort him. Oh my Gosh. or, Billy gets incredibly protective when he finds he has to get you to the hospital instead of school.