Buy 2 or more SCAPE bags, get -30% with code SCAPEBAGS30. Most saddles weigh about 200-220 grams, so I could save nearly half a pound of bike weight if I could find a good substitute. Thats fine. All rights reserved. What about the rivets? Keep in mind that anyone's review is just a combination of their experiences. Cookie Notice }, { They also offer carbon rails as an upgrade. Please feel free to share this post, and pin this Brooks Cambium c17 all weather review for later. Those rivets are, in fact, blind nuts and are screwed on from below with torx screws. The Cambiums rails attach to the same areas as my previous Selle Italia, so installation and setup were no different than any other bike saddle Ive experienced. Established in 1866, Brooks is a saddle making icon. . In this piece Im going to break down the many downsides of the Cambium saddles based on my experience of buying one and riding it for a little over 1000km or so. I gave two a fair trial but could not find a width or position that didnt hurt after only a few miles. While most saddles are either leather or cushioned plastic, the Cambium uses an Italian vulcanized rubber . I have a Brooks C17 that I bought two years ago, and the canvas is worn through to the rubber in a line just aft of the nose of the saddle. You name it, I tried it. Thank you for reading 5 articles in the past 30 days*, Enjoy your first month for just 1 / $1 / 1, *Read any 5 articles for free in each 30-day period, this automatically resets, After your trial you will be billed 4.99 $7.99 5.99 per month, cancel anytime. If like me though, you've previously used and loved the B17 saddle, this is going to be a disappointment. For full disclosure, I've been riding Brooks leather saddles since . This ensures excellent comfort and keeps you in contact with your saddle, rather than bouncing around on rougher surfaces. The sides are very flexible. Compare Products . JavaScript is disabled. So for off road or mucky adventures, or even for a low maintenance around-town bike I would again not recommend Cambiums. Weve put thousands of miles into Cambiums without any obvious signs of wear beyond slight wear fading (think favourite jeans) and as youd hope for the price, theres no creak or frame separation either. js.src = "//"; If you decide to buy items through these links, you will be helping Dave to fund this site and perhaps the next adventure. The saddle replaced the WTB Volt that the Salsa ships with, which is also a fine saddle, but the Cambium improved the comfort from the first moment of my first ride on it. Yet my experience was different and I needed some time to adapt to its unique shape. Im going to break down some claims and marketing points made about the Cambium and enumerate some other negatives besides, so you can make an informed choice about whether these are right for you. Then Brooks went back to the drawing board and fixed it. Honestly, the more choice there is, the more confusing things get sometimes! Period. Shame nobody makes saddles with a longer hammock area for easier positioning. The secret to the already broken-in feel is Brooks' one-of-a-kind rubber saddle. "@context": "", The modern classic Selle Italia Flite Titanium - an elegant alternative to the Brooks Cambium range. It's made of vulcanized natural rubber for durability and flexible performance that moves naturally with every pedal stroke. Doesn't seem to mould itself to your rear, Started feeling uncomfortable on longer rides, Simply not as comfortable as leather (in my opinion). I have a Bontrager Verse Comp in 165mm width on my Surly Krampus combined with a dropper post - so comfortable that I can wear ordinary shorts all day on trails. Please note that the currency is based on your shipping region. We really apologize if you got the wrong information.. Please leave a comment down below to help the bicycle touring community, as we've all got unique perspectives and experiences to share. It's good, but not quite good enough. But, as with any luxury item, youll pay a premium to get your hands on one of their Cambium saddles. Ill be sure to report back along the way. For the first couple of days, the saddle seemed fine, and I noticed no issues at all. Thats a lot of money for an arse-cradle especially given that Halfords sell an entire bike for 140. Brooks C17 due to its unique curved shapes helps to solve this issue but if you really like a nice, flat . The rubber itself is hard and essentially unpadded, so it is springy but not squishy. Ive tried this stunning Bronze/Orange C17 on both my everyday road bike as well as my folding bike, to get a feel for how it performs in all circumstances. Help other cyclists by leaving your ratings and comments below! My Brooks C17 Cambium All-weather saddle is made from vulcanized natural rubber and according to Brooks it is ready to ride from the first minute. If youre just after comfort, theres any number of heavy cheap squishy comfy saddles you could opt for instead at a fraction of the price.I weighed my Brooks Cambium C17 organic at 423 grams (listed weight, 415g). See above, lots of time (wasted? ) Bicycle touring is about taking trips via bicycle. The weather for the most part was hot to insanely hot. This is my final review of the Brooks England C67 Cambium Natural Rubber Saddle. On journeys over 30km I found the C17 wildly uncomfortable and I believe the vaunted hammock design is the inherent cause of this. Found in a barn by accident. When I rode my cambium through some muddy, clay filled puddles and dust, I had to get the Muc-Off cleaner out and give it a proper scrubbing to fully clean the crevices in the woven textured cover. Cannondale SuperSix Evo 4 First Ride - has the flagship racer traded climbing prowess for all-round performance. If you seat wrongly on the saddle (like I initially did) you will feel them and thus it will create discomfort. Nice review! Copyright Dave's Travel Pages (c) 2005 - 2023, Cycling in Catalonia | 4 Ideas on How to Explore Catalunya by Bike, Cycling in Alaska Practical tips for bike touring in Alaska, Nafplio Things To Do And Attractions To See, How To Get From Santorini To Milos By Ferry. Seems fairly comfortable in terms of correct pressure distribution, the only thing is: the metal frame seems to be a bit too narrow for me since it's pressing too much on the sit bones (handlebars at the same hight). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BROOKS CAMBIUM C17 SEAT SADDLE BLACK NEW IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING at the best online prices at eBay! Lets start with the Brooks C17 saddle. The rubber shell is unique and provides a very different ride quality than most modern saddles, but we found it to be a bit too flexible to classify it as a true performance saddle. At 5'10 and 200 lbs. The fabric element gives just enough grip to stop you sliding about and theyre not sweaty either. 4.2 out of 5 stars 196. Rozmiar: jeden rozmiarKolor: czarny/naturalny. I read somewhere that the nose issue only affected the first series produced. With this said, in todays eco-conscious world, it represents quite a lot of packaging. I hope you liked the Brooks Cambium C17 review! Both the Fabric Scoop and Selle SMP saddles feature traditional elastomer foam padding, although the latter is also covered in black leather or colored microfiber. 100% inspiration. And you will see what I mean when we start talking about the data from the vibration measurements. So in future, instead of buying an Italian saddle from a German website despite them being from England, Ill stick to one of my beloved Selle Italia saddles which I think are proudly made in Taiwan. The explanation may be very simple Accent Furious saddle is rather thick so the foam is doing the dampening work but at the same time this thick layer of foam is making this saddle much less comfortable on longer trips. Had an opportunity to try out B67s and it was putting too much pressure on the perineum even in an upright position. Together, Brooks advertises their Cambium seats are ready to ride, immediately comfortable, and maintenance-free. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I have bikepacked exclusively on a c17 and it is perfect. Brooks England S.r.l. In fact, the seat felt almost wooden when sitting on it! The Cambium C19 saddle adds almost another inch to its width, which Brooks advertises makes it ideal for touring, city riding, and a more upright seated position. Feel the comfort & durability in all locations and weathers. It's not a season-ender by any means, but it would be nice to find a good . Heres how their key specs compare: Like the Selle Anatomica R2, some Cambium models also feature a perineal slot for potentially improved comfort. Ive also looked at the C13 in the flesh and it looks very sharp, and the Cambiums come in a variety of shades and special editions to match your bike. I felt this colour hinted at the timeless appeal of a classic Brooks . My long distance cycling trips have included cycling from England to Cape Town, and Alaska to Argentina. The Radavist. (LogOut/ Voer uw trefwoord in Uitgebreid zoeken: Hulp en contact; Huidige taal Nederlands Nederlands . (LogOut/ My vibration measurements definitely support my subjective feelings but before we go for the data lets talk about another two contenders. Ist mein erster Brooks . Is this all weather, longer, slim saddle good for mountain biking?My current favorite saddle for MTB: for watching, we will have. Selle Anatomica felt a bit more neutral, but it was harder to find the right position in the hammock. You must log in or register to reply here. The Cambium does so, and in my case has added a real air of class to an otherwise standard-issue, workhorse Brompton. NIce work Sir, thanks for your efforts. 53. Ive now ridden on it (on two different bikes) from Aachen in Germany, over the Swiss alps and into Parma in Italy, a little over 1000km and can confidently say that in my experience the single best thing about the Brooks cambium is the high resale value. Regardless, I decided after a couple hundred miles the Cambium C17 was simply not for me. ", Made from vulcanized natural rubber . And it took them the best part of a year to come up with a clunky solution (as of Jan 2022 they are now shipping to the UK again, but only on orders over 135). Having swapped all the inferior bits I am back in business. The Cambiums, however, are made from vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton canvas. I love the classic brushed aluminum metal rivets that give the Cambium a robust, crafted feel, including the one with C15 etched into its top. Free delivery for many products! became part of Selle Royal S.p.A. In short, theyre expensive, heavy, dont really do what theyre supposed to do, and not that it really matters, theyre not even from England either! 10m. Underneath it all, youll find tubular steel rails and a die-cast aluminum structure. }, { Brooks says, "The Cambium All Weather C15 Carved is made for years of hard riding in a forward riding position, and features hole for pressure relief and additional flex, eliminating contact points which cause discomfort for some riders. It obviously bewilders Brooks as well, because none of their website pages currently has a comprehensive list! Over that time, I've come to realise the benefits of a good saddle! My commuter has a leather Flyer and is fine all year round. You might also be interested in reading: Long distance cycling saddles, and cycling cameras for bike touring. I go back and forth between the two for different pressure points. Almost all of those miles are on pavement or cement walking trails, with a little gravel and dirt riding mixed in too. This is my primary saddle since March and I did more than 2000 km on it so I know its strengths and weaknesses quite well. Brooks C17 is like a flexible shell that you sit on (similarly to todays 3D printed hollow saddles) so it has a very nice dampening effect as well. Thanks! I'm vegan as well and have also used and liked the Brooks cambium version, but it does have the slit in the middle so I'm not sure how it'd compare to the regular (non-slitted) version. The Brooks Cambium C15 Carved All-Weather has a simple classic design similar to many other Brooks saddles but changes things up a bit with its vulcanized natural rubber construction and its anatomic pressure relief cutout. If you can find one, the Bontrager Serano saddles seem similar in shape. I bought a Brooks Swallow to compliment the build I did of a Classic Raleigh frame. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Thanks Chad! #1. I emailed their corporate office for additional details, and received the following reply: Numac was a maintenance product that we planned to release, but unfortunately did not pass our quality tests and was never launched on the market. If you're new to the blog, let me start with a quick introduction. It's actually difficult keeping track of just how many different Brook England Cambium variations there are. I tried all sorts to make the c17 Brooks saddle comfortable as well. If yours is a 2019, it's likely to be the rev. "@type": "Question", When it comes to bike touring, Brooks have become the gold standard when it comes to what saddle to use. $217.53 $ 217. It comes with a 450-gram (14.29 oz) weight. Its something you want to learn more about and looks fast, just sitting still. Youre likely to grab the first bit thats there, and thats going to be the handlebars or the saddle. but it may be an alternative to spending more . Dont miss our epic adventures. If the reply was Oh, but I don't want a leather saddle because it goes against my ethics, I would answer Well, try the C17 then, but it's not really the same thing. All of Brooks' Cambium saddles weigh a ton (unless you get the carbon-railed versions) and theyre pricey, but the amount of riders whove found saddle salvation and bought their own after trying one is far ahead of any other saddles we've tested, and that speaks volumes.
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